Azag Thoth – Raise The Beast (Revival Performance)

So it’s been a real long time since I’ve posted anything on this page. Ever since I moved back to Pittsburgh and got back into working the concert industry my personal artistic projects have suffered greatly. I’m hoping I can fix that in this upcoming year. I have a number of various projects planned out that will hopefully make use of this long neglected cyber real-estate.


This first of these proposed projects is somewhat of a retrospective series of my past musical projects. I would like to eventually create videos for every song from every musical project I have been involved in over the last 25 years. Now I’m not sure if I’m actually going to release absolutely everything I’ve been involved with, but I would like to get a bunch of it out there. Some of the band and projects I have been taken part of I’m actually quite proud of, while others I’m totally embarrassed by. But either way I think it would be fun to get some of this stuff out there for anyone who might be interested in it to check out.


So the first project I would like to talk about is Azag Thoth, though not necessarily the best, it is perhaps my favorite project I have ever been involved in. As legend has it, Azag Thoth got its start back in 1991 in some Spanish classroom in a high school in Maryland. Saying I grew up about 400 miles away from this area, I of course was not involved at all in this project from the beginning, and in fact would not hear of it until around 1995 when my roommate at the time John introduced me to them.


From what I understand Azag Thoth was conceived as four or five theater nerds started writing silly satanic lyrics while blowing off their Spanish lessons. From there they decided to go ahead and write and record some music surrounding these silly lyrics and Azag Thoth was born. The catch to this project was only one of the original member’s involved had any musical background what so ever. But that didn’t stop these guys from renting some mixing and recording equipment and setting about making some noise on a Saturday afternoon. The ‘Exorcat Tour’ was the result of these shenanigans, an album that’s even tough for me to listen to. Though the music, if you can even call it that, was rather primitive in sound, all parties involved found great humor in its creation and decided to continue with the project, record three more efforts before the “band” went dormant for a number of years.


Occasionally a few of the members would get together and resurrect an old tune and polish it off a bit. And for the first video of this series I will be featuring one of those tunes. ‘Raise the Beast’ first appeared on the debut record ‘The Exorcat Tour’ in 1991. The version we are checking today was recorded somewhere in the late ’90’s, though I’m not sure the exact year. This “revival performance” was done solely with just two of the original members Zulumar and Brother John. I believe Zulumar performed all the guitar parts and half the vocal duties and Brother John handling all other aspects of the production. This mix in particular is not how this version is suppose to sound, but due to some glitch in the playback system of the time, a few of the vocals tracks got moved around, but everyone at the time thought it sounded cool, so this version is the one that ended up on the reunion record ‘Revival’. The cool interplay between both Zulumar’s and Brother John’s vocals on the second verse is not how it’s supposed to sound, but as stated before, we all thought it sounded cool, so we kept it. Somewhere out there is the proper mix of this song, though I don’t think I have a copy of it anywhere. Perhaps someday I will be able to track it down for this series.


So anyway, that is enough for today I think. I know this first entry is rather vague in details and demand more questions than it informs, but I got ton of these songs to publish and will need something to talk about over the next few months. Plus I really didn’t give this post too much thought before I started typing, so it suffered quite a bit for that lack of foresight. But hopefully as this series evolves I will get better at the whole planning and producing thing. This is a work in process, so please bear with me as I work it all out. Thanks.

You check out all of Azag Thoth’s music at:



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My name is Dave and I play at being in the music business. I'm a stagehand, backline tech, musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, videographer, photographer, journalist and graphic artist. In other words, I have a low-level industry job, a few consumer based production programs, a smart phone, a decent computer, and a few other accessories for creating music and video projects and have a basic grasp of how to use all them. I mainly write music reviews of my own record and CD collection, but I occasionally produce some music with horrible videos to go along with them that I post to YouTube, that next to no one watches beside a handful of close friends and family. I've created this sort make-believe record company as a forum to house all of my artistic creations. Mainly so I can direct my friends and family to a single place to check out my stuff if they want. I have no skills or talent in any of these creative endeavors I dabble in but continue to do them anyway. Hopefully, someone will find a use for them, but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
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