New Record Update

Well, it’s been a little bit since I’ve done anything on this blog, and I figured it’s time to give you all a update on the new record.

Well to be honest not a whole lot has happened since last time, at least not in measurable progress on my part goes. As you may or may not recall, my plan was to spend the months of May and June doing per-production for the record, getting the basic tracks to work off in the DAW I wanted to use, writing lyrics, and anything else I could think of. Then last weekend I sat down and tried to get some basic guitar tones for the song ‘Stone Water’ and I realized two things. 1) I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to micing guitar amps, and the tools I have for that job aren’t the proper tools for the job. But that isn’t that big of a deal, it just means I need to work harder to get the tones I want with the tools I have. Just meaning it’s not as easy as I thought it would be, not a major obstacle really. Besides this project and this whole hobby for that matter is about learning how to do this stuff. So no problem there. 2) I haven’t played any of these songs in months and am way out of practice. Again, not that big of a deal, just need to spend a couple hours everyday through out the week jamming the tunes on guitar and bass and brush off all the rust. But thing about this second realization is, I could have been doing this for the last two months. I should have been doing it for the last two months. But for some reason the thought never occurred to me that I should have been rehearsing these songs as part of my per-production phase. Oh well, better late than never right?

But in other good news though, I have recruited a couple of people to help with the project. I’m on this forum for this website Home Studio Corner. I asked the guys on the forum what they thought of my tones for the first song I was going to work, ‘Stone Water’, and mentioned if anyone wanted to join in, they’re welcome, not really expecting anyone to jump on that. Well I had two people offer their services immediately. So I got one guy working on laying down some lead guitar parts for the song, and I just emailed a Dropbox link to another guy who is gonna play with the lyrics I have already penned and see if he can come up with something worth using. I’m pretty excited about this development. These songs may turn out way better than I had even envisioned them.

Well that’s it for now. Just wanted to get this out there in case any of you actually cared.


About Dc3 Pratt Productions

My name is Dave and I play at being in the music business. I'm a stagehand, backline tech, musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, videographer, photographer, journalist and graphic artist. In other words, I have a low-level industry job, a few consumer based production programs, a smart phone, a decent computer, and a few other accessories for creating music and video projects and have a basic grasp of how to use all them. I mainly write music reviews of my own record and CD collection, but I occasionally produce some music with horrible videos to go along with them that I post to YouTube, that next to no one watches beside a handful of close friends and family. I've created this sort make-believe record company as a forum to house all of my artistic creations. Mainly so I can direct my friends and family to a single place to check out my stuff if they want. I have no skills or talent in any of these creative endeavors I dabble in but continue to do them anyway. Hopefully, someone will find a use for them, but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
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