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RMP 2014

So I know i said I wasn’t going to post any of the songs I did for the RPM Challenge, but then I decided what the hell. I spent almost all of my free time in February making this album, … Continue reading

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Shadow Series

Now that I’ve built up a tiny fallowing, tiny being the operative word here, I thought it’s time I let people see how much a of a disturbed individual I am. Actually I don’t think I’m disturbed at all, I … Continue reading

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Daily prompt. 12th birthday.

This will be my first post from the app on my phone. Figured this daily prompt thing would be a good one to start with. My birthday is September 3rd, which always land on or around Labor Day and the … Continue reading

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Succeeding At Failure.

So part of my whole self improvement thing that I’ve been working at lately, (may be the first time I’ve admitted out loud that is what I’m doing here) I’ve been trying to get better at my song writing and … Continue reading

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5 Songs, 10 mixes, 16 Hours.

I think some of you who may actually read this knows that I signed up for this challenge to write, record, mix and release a ten song album all in the month of February. I started off strong, and for … Continue reading

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Daily Prompts #1

Ok so last night I was browsing the WordPress site and saw this post to down load 3 eBooks for free. I guess that they’re each designed to help you grow your blog and make it more interesting. So I … Continue reading

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Good Times, Good Friends

So yesterday I had a pleasure to hang out with two very good friends of mine who I rarely get to see to often anymore. My friends Lindsay and Larry were in town with the band Rusted Root yesterday. I … Continue reading

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